Tourist Information Centre

Tourist Information Center Perushtitsa has information about landmarks, museums, historical monuments, cultural and sports activities and events, tourist routes, hotels and other accommodations in and around the city.

The tourist center maintained by a detailed basis for all available natural, cultural, architectural and historical monuments in municipality Perushtitsa. The center consults entrepreneurs to create the most attractive tourist cultural and historical product, developing promotional materials and presents the Perushtitsa Municipality in regional, national and international tourism fairs and exhibitions. The tourist information center is built on the project "Municipality Perushtitsa – an inseparable part of the history, culture and the future of Europe” and is funded by Measure 313 "Encouragement of tourism activities" of the Program for Rural Development, 2007-2013.

Popularization of the history, culture, traditions and natural resources, with the local authority on the development of integrated tourism is the main goal of the center. Its construction improved the tourism infrastructure, and the collaboration between the administrations, NGOs, hoteliers, wineries and organizations in the field of tourism in the municipality Perushtitsa. All these activities will provide the necessary conditions for making integrated tourism into a serious branch of the municipal economy. The center has information on cultural and sporting events and activities, tourist routes, hotels and other accommodation in and around the city.