Protected area Peristitsa

Protected area "Peristitsa" is located in the village of Perushtitsa and Ustina village, Municipality Rodopi. The territory of the protected area includes a rock massive, located south of Perushtitsa as well as a century old oak forest. The rock massive is the habitat of the black stork as well as its place for nesting and feeding as well as a range of daytime and nocturnal birds.

It was declared by the Committee on Environmental Protection in the Council of Ministers for a historic place. For the preservation of nesting habitats of protected and endangered species "Black Stork" and characteristic landscape, "Peristitsa" was declared as a protected area. Reclassified as one of the 175 protected areas by order of the Ministry in 2003 to protect the nesting habitat of the black stork. Since 2007 the protected area is estimated at 5,888 ha. It is managed and guarded by the Perushtitsa Municipality, Municipality Rodopi and State Forestry – Krichim and under the control of RIEW - Plovdiv.