Monastery "St. Theodore Tyron and St. Theodore Stratelates”

In the "Monastery" over Perushtitsa ruins can be found of a medieval monastic cloister, it is called “St. Theodore” by the local inhabitants. For several centuries it was part of an impressive complex of several monasteries located in the northern foot of the Rhodope Mountains, called The Rhodope Sacred Forest.

According to researchers, "St. Theodore "was founded in the late Middle Ages at the end of the VI and the beginning of the VII century, when our kings and nobles have covered the northern recesses of the Rhodopes with numerous monasteries. It is located five kilometers from Perushtitsa directly under the majestic cliffs. The monastery has owned many properties and substantial estates. According to historical records the monastery was destroyed several times. The first of which was in the XIV century, during the conquest of Bulgaria by an Asian invader. The second was in 1657, the third - in 1778, and the fourth - during the April Uprising.