The Perushtitsa community is rich in historical monuments and artifacts. The oldest evidence of population in these areas date back to the VI century BC. One of the most valuable historical monuments in the area is The Red Church, which was built around the V - VI century BC.

Perushtitsa preserves to this day the memory of the heroes who gave their lives in the national liberation movement. The April uprising left a significant imprint on the history of the city. Besides the monuments themselves, evidence of the heroism of the local people from the revolutionary 1876, are the preserved exhibits and their personal belongings from that time.


Churches and chapels:


Historical monuments:



  • Monument of the Three Generations
  • Monument of the three negotiators who died in the April Uprising
  • Commemorative plaque of perushtians who were killed in the April Uprising
  • Monument with a relief of Peter Bonev - organizer of the April Uprising in Perushtitsa