The Dragovets city

This city has existed up until the conquest of Bulgaria by the Turks. It used to be 4 hours away from Plovdiv, southwest. Judging by the visible ruins today it is estimated that the city had five parts, half an hour away from each other. To visit all the parts together would take about 10 hours. The first part of this city is where one would find the city Krichim. The second largest part was located in the places, which now are covored by Kurtovo Village, another Village and village Stara Pastusha. In Stara Pastusha there are ruins of a church, which it is said that it bears the name "St. Trinity ".

The city Dragovets is consisted of five densely populated areas. Today there five parts are Perushtitsa, Ustina, Krichim, Kurtovo Konare and Pastusha.