Antiquity, tradition and a breath of wine..
Only 20 km from the oldest living city in Europe - the ancient Philippopolis!

Perushtitsa municipality  was established by Presidential Decree №111 from 1998. It covers an area of 48,720 acres. On its territory the only inhabited place is Perushtitsa. According to data from the last count from 01.02.2011 the population is 5058 inhabitants. 

The municipality is located on the Chernatishki area - Western Rhodopes. The terrain is flat and slightly rocky in some spots. The local natural conditions are favorable for the development of viticulture, pomology, and plant growth. The Economic profile of Municipality Perushtitsa is formed by companies in various sectors - industry, agriculture and other light industries.



Anniversary of the April Uprising
Perushtitsa celebrates 138 anniversary of the April Uprising - the most powerful voice for freedom that Europe has ever heard. The struggle of the Bulgarian people for liberation from...